Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Daniel and Amira


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By: Atul Badiani


By: Amira and Nader


By: Peter Chung and Cindy Chu


By: Ibrahim and Sarah


By: Brad Fulton

Over the years, Max sold several homes for our family quickly and for high prices. He should have been the natural choice for the next home we had to sell, however, we felt obligated to list with a friend realtor. Big mistake! Four months passed by and our home didn't sell. It felt horrible. The closing of our new home was approaching and we had no offers. I decided to call Max to help me. He calmed our fears and gave us great suggestions. Less than a week later, the house was sold and we could finally breathe. We were safe! Max's knowledge of the Mitlon market was all we needed. I know who I am going to call next time!. When you have listed with Max once, you don't get just a realtor... You gain a friend"

By: The Volpes

When we decided to move to Toronto, we doubted of the possibility of being able to find the right apartment for us before we arrived. But, Max listened to all of our expectations and needs over the phone, and found the right place! He made our dream of moving to Canada and having our home ready, come true. Thanks!

By: The Vaccaros

Max is the ultimate realtor. Not just to find, buy or sell a house but for his knowledge and experience beyond the real estate field too. He has the financial, legal and marketing background that, sooner or later, any buyer or seller will need.

By: The Burgauers

We knew that we needed a change and we thought we couldn`t afford it. Max helped us see the wonderful possibility that we are enjoying today: A beautiful house in a great location at an affordable price. Max helped us in every step of the way to make this dream a reality. Thank you Max!

By: The Carmonas

Max is not just a very professional and efficient realtor. He is also a trustworthy advisor.

By: The Husains

Max defines professionalism. Simply put: He is a great person, honest and hardworking who put our needs first. He has got excellent interpersonal skills, what makes dealing with him a pleasure.

By: Mike Harding

Max is a great guy. His enthusiasm for his work makes looking for a house fun. Max possesses a great knowledge of the real estate market and his instincts are strong. He really listened, and responded to my needs.

By: The Pinottis

We just bought the perfect home and it was an extraordinary experience thanks to the professional assistance of Mr. Max Hansen, who after asking us the right questions, knew exactly what we wanted, and he got it for us. He made us feel comfortable all along the buying process. His dedication, knowledge and experience, saved us both time and money. But more importantly Mr. Hansen`s no pressure approach gave us the freedom to make our own decisions at our own timing.

By: The Oteros

What would the right location be? How much could we afford? Who would lend us the money? When we arrived to Toronto we had hundreds of questions like these. Luckily, a good friend referred us to Max Hansen who kindly listened to us and answered them all. He showed us all the alternatives, helped us get a mortgage pre-approval and, when we felt ready, he found our dream home in just one day! Thanks Max! You are the best!

By: The Olivares

Before meeting Max, we had a deceiving experience with an agent who over promised and didn't deliver. Our home looked like a model home and yet, we didn't get any offers for quite some time. The closing on our new home was approaching and we were very stressed out. Then Max took over the listing with such integrity and professionalism that we relaxed and completely relied on him. He got our home sold for a great price in just a few days. It was a fantastic experience.