About Max Hansen

Sales Representative

A successful Real Estate Agent must possess a very specific set of skills:  

 Legal Knowledge : Max Hansen is a Lawyer with a background in Business Law. In every Real Estate Transaction there could be literally dozens of contracts and legal documents to be signed with tailor made clauses. Negotiations could potentially generate lawsuits unless you are in the good hands of someone with the legal knowledge to keep you and your family out of trouble. 

Banking Knowledge : Almost every real estate transaction involves financing and Max’s 8 years of experience in the banking Industry as a VP for Citibank together with some of the best associated Mortgage Consultants can help. 

Sales Experience : Before becoming a top producer with Remax Legacy, Max was trained by fortune 500 companies to generate millions of dollars in revenue selling Banking and Technological products to corporations.  He fears no negotiation table. 

Marketing Knowledge: Max was a Marketing VP for Citibank and the CEO of Collectivemind INC., a Global company developing top of the line internet and mobile technology. During those days, he led large teams that developed the branding, marketing and internet strategies of dozens of global names like Ford, Nestle, Coca Cola, and many others. This invaluable experience has made Max’s marketing approach extremely effective at generating leads of potential buyers for your home.  

And the following personal qualities:

Professionalism: Max’s skills, experience and knowledge acquired over the years have made him one of the most professional realtors in Canada holding records that only a few realtors in the world could showcase like being able to sell 100% of the houses he ever listed for an average of 99% of the asking price.

Credibility : Go online and see what Max’s clients have to say about their experience:  www.maxhansen.ca/gold_testimonials.asp

People Skills : Real Estate is a “People Business”. Max’s success couldn’t be possible without treating everyone fairly and respectfully. Earning everyone’s trust is the key to generate sustainable business and that is how Max built his entire customer base: Referrals.